Who fan best songs list - new album...

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Wed May 5 13:38:46 CDT 2004

>Jim M petenotped 
>Set list, deam or not...
>> Brian Cady posted it here on igtc last month I believe.  I can't remember
>>the title of the post, but I'm sure it's in archives.
>I don't remember seeing it either.  Could it have been on another list?  I
>don't remember the voting, either.

I'm certain the invitation to submit votes was posted by Brian here, but now, after looking back into the Archives through March (April, March) I'm not finding Brian's post with the final outcome of the voting.
I read O&S too, so It may have been there, but Brian usually shares that sort of info. with all of the lists.  Considering he invited all lists, I'm under the impression he told all the lists the results.  But, standard disclaimer of "I could be wrong" applies.
Someone check February Archives (it's amazing how fast time flies!), or write to Brian (address on The Who this month).

>Listen to the interview.  Pete's still not convinced there will even *be* an

I tried, but it didn't work for some reason.
Great.  Just what I wanted to hear...
Pete getting cold feet....again.

You can't back out now ya bugger!
Please?  :-\

Kevin in VT

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