Set list, deam or not...

Jim M petenotped at
Wed May 5 12:50:18 CDT 2004

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> >Can anyone please post the full list?
> >I haven't been able to find the magazine yet, and this list was what I
was most interested in.
> Brian Cady posted it here on igtc last month I believe.  I can't remember
the title of the post, but I'm sure it's in archives.

I don't remember seeing it either.  Could it have been on another list?  I
don't remember the voting, either.

> >So, what's your prediction.  Will they try out any new material on us?
> No....other than ORW and RGLB.

After listening to that Aussie interview Pete, I concede you're right.  It
sounded as if they haven't even been in the studio since they recorded the
first two songs.  Where did I get the idea they've been recording, an
interview with Roger?

> Hit the West Coast of the US for a "good luck in the studio" party.
> Then, into the studio to record the album, and a full blown US and Euro
Tour in 2005.

Listen to the interview.  Pete's still not convinced there will even *be* an

Jim M

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