MSG Dream Set List

John Hughes pureneasy at
Wed May 5 12:45:27 CDT 2004

Scott, re

> > I therefore anticipate the songs on the rest of the shows this year will
> > be much the same as at the UK warm ups and RAH, with the odd couple
> > in and out from the "different" songs played in 2000 and 2002.
>    You could be right, but that won't take away from my pleasure in
>    Pete play some ferocious, feedback-laden guitar; no bland sameness in

I wouldn't want to take away your pleasure - but I still think it will be a
very similar set list to that played over the last three years.

Disapppointing, as we all have particular favourites that we would love to
see and hear played - my one abiding wish is for them to open with Heaven &
Hell and then Fortune Teller. Mind you, who knows?



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