Lilac6420 at Lilac6420 at
Wed May 5 07:04:29 CDT 2004

Hey guys!!
I finally got tickets to the MSG show a couple of days ago (the seats are 
surprisingly not as craptastic as I thought they would be!)  and I'm completely 
psyched because not only is it a WHO concert, but it's in NYC, one of the best 
cities on the planet and it will be my first time there!  Unfortunately I have 
to go alone because a friend baled on me, but I was wondering if there were 
any planned Who-fanatic-parties before and/or after the show?  I don't know the 
city at all, so I'm sure I'll be lost all day and all that crap, but THE WHO 
are so worth it!  And I also have a spare ticket for anyone in need...don't 
hesitate to e-mail me!   ~THANKS!~

~Alexis (stuck) in Buffalo

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