Mc's dream list and WBN picks

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Wed May 5 04:03:45 CDT 2004

Where were all your WBN picks??!!

- SCHRADE in Akron


Well, my favorite song from WBN is Success Story, and can't really be done 
w/o John.  Squeeze Box actually was supposed to be on my list but was omitted 
accidentally.  Not abig fav of mine but the crowd would like it.  Don't see 
Dreaming From the Waist coming back- too high for Rog these days.  OK, maybe Slip 
Kid would be cool, but is it too obscure?  I suppose the boys could to throw 
us hard-core fans a bone.

As for the "too long" songs, I like the long ones because Pete mesmerizes me 
when he starts wandering on lead guitar, or creating new rhythm riffs on the 
spot.  EF is a well-known radio tune and gives Rog's voice a rest, but I'd be 
just as happy with another Pete singing song.  What about Pete singing 905?  
Then hell has its first frost.

I heard the overture on a boot from one of the RAH warm-up shows from 2001 
and it was searing.  They could always shorten it a bit and blend it into 
AJ/Sparks and make the whole thing 10 min.

Boy do I agree with you about Rog's WAY singing these days.  Why didn't he do 
it that way on album?  It's tremendous.  I would love to hear a version of 
that song live from late 70s early 80s just to hear how he did it then.  He can 
hit those I'm Free high notes if he'll just keep it simple and blast them out. 
 He gets into trouble when he tries to modulate at those high parts (see 
"dre-  eeeea- ms, they aren't as empty"- UGH!).  Surprised you didn't like LROM 
from 2002.  Pete just roared w/that guitar, but it is true that Rog is 
inconsistent with that one and I don't like the backing vocals they put in.  Sounds 
awkward with Roger's screams.

Anyway, thanks for the opinions.  Enjoyed them very much.


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