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Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue May 4 18:56:21 CDT 2004

> You may not have time, but I am curious to read what you might think 
> of my dream set-list.  

Sure thing.  I was actually meaning to do that; I examined Joe's list (hey 
now!) & meant to look at yours, as well (hey now!).

> 1. Who are You

This seems to be the band's new pick as the opener.  Good & bad choice.
Good because it's an energetic hit; bad because the backing vocals seem a
bit off at times.  Plus, it's kinda long for an opener.  But, as I've stated, I
love how Roger is singing it these days.

> 2. You Better, You Bet

Second?  No, no, no, no.  Drop this one altogether.  It lacks energy - even
*with* Zak on drums!  ;-)  Again, those backing vocals.....

> 3. Magic Bus

A *short* version, yes.  The 10-minute version, no.

> 4. Real Good Looking Boy

Of course.  Plus, the band gets to play something fresh.  Breaks it up a bit.

> 5. Young Man Blues

I'd be happy to hear this.  But, can Pino keep up on the improvisational

> 6. Long Live Rock

Yes, I'll take it (!).  That was on Joe's list, too, I believe.

> 7. The Real Me

No way.  Pino would have to play "extreme lead."  Ain't gonna happen.

> 8. The Punk and the Godfather

Eh.....maybe.  I don't know if I'd like to hear a bunch of QUAD songs.
Where are all your WBN picks?

> 9. 5.15

I pray they drop this song.  Where are all your WBN picks?  ;-)

> 10. Love Reign O'er Me

Zzzzzzzz........DROP IT!!  (Wishful thinking, on my part.  They'll never
drop it.

> 11. Eminence Front

Aw, man, you're picking all the long, unenergetic songs!  I'm tired of this 
one, too.

> 12. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Drop it.

> 13. Summertime Blues


> 14. Baba O'Riley

In the contract.

> 15. Old Red Wine

Of course.

> 16. Trick of the Light

Not one of my favorite Entwistle tunes, sorry.  "When I Was A Boy"
would bring a big smile to my face.

> 17. Overture

"Overture?!"  Too long.  Many better songs off TOMMY to choose 

> 18. Amazing Journey/Sparks

OK, sure.  The band really has "Sparks" down at this point.    

> 19. Acid Queen/Fiddle About/Eyesight to the Blind Medley

Medley, huh?  Interesting.

> 20. Pinball Wizard

In the contract.

> 21- I'm Free

There ya' go!  Are you sure Daltrey will hold those high notes?

> 22. SMFM/LTY

Eh......I say drop it.  But they won't.

> 23. The Kids are Alright

Drop it.  Too long.  Questionable vocal harmonies.

> 24. My Generation/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues

I like it!

> 25. Won't Get Fooled Again- what else?

In the contract.  ;-)

Where were all your WBN picks??!!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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