Naked Eye

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Tue May 4 07:50:46 CDT 2004

> >16.  Naked Eye          - Imagine It in your mind's eye.  I know you can.
> No need!  Boston 2000!
> On a related note...I was really quite shocked to read
> that Naked Eye didn't
> even make the list of Who Fan Favorite Who Songs.
> *Didn't even make the list!!???*  What the fuck???

Really?  I'm shocked too.  I voted that song as my number 1 favourite.

I guess a lot of the voters were not "real fans" - they may not have even heard of this song before.  Was the list just full of singles and radio classics?

Can anyone please post the full list?

I haven't been able to find the magazine yet, and this list was what I was most interested in.



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