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10:30 - 04 May 2004 
The Son of late rocker John Entwistle has high hopes
his Victorian home could at last be sold.

Chris Entwistle says there has been a surge of
interest from private buyers in his dad's gothic
mansion at Stow-on-the-Wold since it was relaunched
with a new estate agent. Quarwood, originally built
for the rector of Stow in 1856, has been on the market
since last October.

But no one has snapped up the rambling 55-room country
pile, which has a £3.75 million price tag.

Chris cherishes the hope that the house, which his
father made into an eccentric retreat, won't be bought
by developers and split into flats but kept as a
family home.

The imposing building features two recording studios,
a hallway stencilled to look like castle walls, a
cinema-style TV screen in the main bedroom, a billiard
room and a carved wooden bar with drink shelves and

John Entwistle, bass guitarist with The Who, died from
a heart attack after taking cocaine in his hotel room
with a Las Vegas stripper two years ago.

His son, who has managed his 42-acre estate for the
past six years, had to pay a huge inheritance tax

Chris, John's mother Queenie, 80, and his partner Lisa
Pritchett-Johnson, were forced to sell.

He said: "We've had a number of people look at it and
some very nice noises made.

"Really it's now a question of seeing whether any of
these noises say they want to buy it.

"Originally we were with Sotheby's. Although they did
their best I didn't feel it was marketed widely enough
so we took it off the market for a month and went back
on for a relaunch with Hamptons International.

"This time we've had more private people. Before, we
had developers interested in turning it into luxury
flats and they were waiting for the price to go as
rock bottom as possible.

"But we're not that desperate to sell. We know what
the place is worth and want the right person.

"I'd much rather the house remained as a whole,
private house.

"Everyone has their own taste in decoration and I've
no problem with that - it's the ripping it apart to
make flats I wouldn't like.

"I'm going to be sad, in a way, when it's sold,
because we've had the property for 28 years. It's
meant a great deal and been a huge part of my

"But I've resigned myself to it and everyone must move

-Brian in Atlanta
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