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The Kids Are Alright

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, DVD, 2 discs, £19.99

Although the Who's recent history has been less
auspicious, with bassist John "The Ox" Entwistle's sad
passing and guitarist Pete Townshend's ill-advised web
searches, here's a package to reaffirm the band's
supremacy in any lapsed mod's eyes. First
cinematically released in 1979, The Kids Are Alright
is an exemplary rock movie, packed with exhaustingly
kinetic performances of their best songs – in full –
very often culminating in typically savage destruction
of their equipment.

Director Jeff Stein simply aimed to represent the
Who's blokey, wild-eyed nastiness (rather than
over-analyse it, as most "rock docs" would today), and
these clips are randomly glued together by TV
interviews with Russell Harty (whom they terrorise), a
young Jeremy Paxman and an inebriated Ringo Starr,
plus some specially filmed off-duty scenes, such as
Entwistle nonchalantly firing gold discs into the air
like clay pigeons and machine-gunning them.

Bonus-disc snippets show you how heroically the movie
was restored for DVD release, though more re-watchable
is the Ox Cam, which allows you to see and hear only
the inscrutable bassist during renditions of Won't Get
Fooled Again and Baba O'Reilly. Quite something.
Andrew Perry

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