My MSG Dream Set List - The WHO alllll *over* VT

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sun May 2 08:22:43 CDT 2004

>Joe Lewinski
>My MSG Dream Set List


>In anticipation of the up-coming shows on the East coast,
>I am pining away at my dream set list.

Ahhh, why torture yourself like this, Joe??
We're going to get the same set list.
I'd rather have them concentrate on the new album than learn a bunch of new
songs at this point.
Then, in 2005, hit us with a really varied set list, complete with a bunch
of new songs.

At least that's what I tell myself to get by.

>Here it goes.
>1.  I Can't Explain             - This really lights my Who fuse - STILL!

I'm more than kind of psyched to hear WAY open the set. Talk about a fuse
'Who the fuck are you!'

>4.  Happy Jack          - Appropriate for kids of the Hummer generation

I always considered this off limits since Keith died.

>5.  A Quick One         - Yeah,  This would be GREAT!

I would die a happy man if they played this.

>6.  Boris The Spider            - The best JAE tribute I can think of
  >                                  Also a chance for Pino cut loose.

Similar to Happy Jack for Keith, I think this would be taboo.  Pino might
actually get booed if they played this.

>7.  Our Love Was                - This is my current fav.  Zak could go
                                   on the ride cymbal (Is that right Jon?)

I absolutely *love* this song.  With ya 100%!

>16.  Naked Eye          - Imagine It in your mind's eye.  I know you can.

No need!  Boston 2000!
On a related note...I was really quite shocked to read that Naked Eye didn't
even make the list of Who Fan Favorite Who Songs.
*Didn't even make the list!!???*  What the fuck???
That makes no sense to me.  Naked Eye is my all time favorite Who song.  We
discussed this song in detail several years ago, and almost without
exception, *everyone* thought it was one of the top....if not *the* top Who
song, and top example of each of the members of The Who showcasing their
I've been dwelling on this since reading that list.
I don't get it.
My only conclusion.....the list is rigged!!!   ;-)

>21.  Long Live Rock             - Again Pete on vocals..  Quick tempo too.

I read this list yesterday before heading out of the house to go work on my
I stopped and paused at number 21...Long Live Rock.  I've always like this
song, and was struck that you included it on your list.
Something about it resonated with me yesterday....
And then.........
As I'm driving to the lake.....guess what song is played on the radio...
Yep....Long Live Rock.  Another of those "Who moments" where you get that
'twilight zone music' effect
What a jammin' song.

My last 'Who moment' was on our last day of boarding at Sugarbush.
I drove up on my own, and met friends there.
Pull into the parking lot absolutely blasting my ear drums with WGFA.
After I park, I'm sitting there getting my stuff together, still jamming at
high volume, and then look over at some skiers who were signaling me to open
a window or turn it up.  So...I did.  We all got off on WGFA together.
You have to understand....when you go riding or skiing, the last song you
hear is often the one stuck in your head for the day.
This can be a bad thing, but that was perfect.  And, those others
wanted WGFA to be their 'stuck in your head song for the day' too.

BUT then!...I go up to the lodge, and of all songs....TKAA is playing
<enter Twilight Zone music....>

The Who is alllll over VT this weekend.
I finally heard RGLB on the radio, but on that eclectic station that I wrote
to several weeks ago.
So, don't know if it was me, quote a former Democratic candidate
And, that Classic Rock station is mentioning Then and Now often.  They're
giving away the CD at different promotional gigs, and also giving away the
new 3 cd box set.  So, they're playing many Who commercials with  <deep drag
racing announcer voice> - "GET THE WHO FROM THE WIZARD...THE WIZARD OF ROCK
AT WINZ....NEW WHO....CLASSIC WHO....JUST GET THE WHO" (with the sound of
Baba as a back drop...)

>I also kept Old Red Wine off because I'm still not used to this song, and
>brings me down in an uncomfortable way.   Don't get me wrong, I often
>embrace the melancholy, but this one's not working for me yet.

Had our first deck party Friday (temps in the low 80's....finally!), and
first opportunity to play new Who for friends here (had it in a 5 cd changer
set to random....HEY MARK!!! had Kinks Konsciousness disc 1 in there
My friend Jules who plays bass in a very good local band, and who's musical
opinion I respect greatly thought RGLB was "a really, realy good song."  She
really liked it allot.  But, she didn't care for ORW that much.
Go figure.
ORW doesn't quite work for me yet either.  I dig the jam but that too seems
a bit, ummmm, contrived?
I dunno.  I dig it enough.

Looking forward to seeing you again in NY (three tours in a row!), and this
time meeting your wife and kid.  Don't worry, I'll put my 'mature hat' on
around Jr.  ;-)
Kevin in VT

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