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The Who
Then and Now: 1964-2004
(Geffen **)

Here's one way to wreck a legacy: Add a couple of
undercooked recent dabblings to a hits compilation.

The first 18 tracks of Then and Now are stone-cold
indisputable classics. From the jittery lunge of "My
Generation" (which sounds cleaner here than on
previous anthologies) through the righteous bluster of
"Won't Get Fooled Again," they represent the raging
romance and the wild heart that was once a vital
element of the music of The Who.

Then comes the first blast of new Who since 1982 -
"Real Good Looking Boy," a monstrously bad suite that
manages, in one blow, to lampoon the band's thrumming
anthem sound and its more sensitive side. That's
followed by a slightly better song, "Old Red Wine,"
written in memory of late bassist John Entwistle.
Obsessives might need these two rarities for
completion's sake, but neither has any business
sitting next to "Behind Blue Eyes" or "Magic Bus."

- T.M.

-Brian in Atlanta
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