Correction to Mc's post and Mc's new band

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Sat May 1 21:00:38 CDT 2004


List posting reform:

I too was miffed by the lack of quoting punctuation in your posts.
I was getting confused as to who said what.
Thanks for recognizing it and for correcting it.  (thanks also goes
to the person who pointed this out with out causing
aggravation - what words did you use?)


Anyway, I was wondering if your band has covered RGLB yet.
If so, what are you doing with the piano part if you don't have
a keyboard player?

Joe in Philly

I'm not nearly as sensitive as others might portray me here.  I noticed it 
the first time I posted and thought I had it taken care of.  Then this last 
time.  It was also pointed out by someone else offlist, but not stated as 
diplomatically as you did here.  Any-hoooo....

Unfortunately my band has had to shift gears.  Scott was right, of course.  
The rest of the band not being into The Who and me making concession after 
concession until we were a band w/o a concept and a lack of fan support forced us 
to switch gears.  At the end we were, Who are They: Tribute to the Who and the 
Legends of Rock.  To be a Who tribute band we would have had to go all the 
way- buckskin vest, boiler suit, etc.  This wasn't practicable so we decided to 
form a classic rock tribute band:

The Imposters!  Each of us dresses as a famous classic rocker and we honor 10 
bands with mini-tributes of 4 to 5 songs each.  Our lead guitar is Keith 
Richards, rhythm guitar Angus Young, bass is Entwistle (skeleton shirt), and 
drummer is Bonham.  I change a few times thoughout the show, from Brian Johnson, to 
Ozzy, to Plant, to Jagger, to Tyler.  This has energized the band and given 
us a real hook.  Here are the bands we honor right now:

The Who
The Kinks
The Eagles

We're just beginning to break into the live scene around here, but it's slow 
goin.  Keep asking, though, as you can see I love to talk about it.  I'm gonna 
send you a picture of us privately.


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