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Jim M petenotped at
Sat May 1 20:08:56 CDT 2004

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> Well, I don't remember it too well from the 2002 tour but on the
> 2004 Forum CD (2nd night) the "My Generation" jams slows down
> & gets real quiet & subtle with Pete playing lightly & Zak only keep-
> ing the beat on his hi-hat cymbal.
> Then, Zak does a hi-hat flourish & Pete plays the familiar ORW
> opening chords.  Roger sings the first lines:

I had a listen to me MSG 2002 Encore CD and it's similar.  They slow down
and go right into the end portion of ORW.  The only lyrics seem to be Roger
singing "never give up" a few times.

What I'm having trouble remembering is when did the Old Red Wine lyrics come
into the picture?  Wasn't this jam known unofficially as the Old Red Wine
jam during the concert tour?  Where did that come from if they weren't
singing the lyrics?  Anyone?

Jim M

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