My MSG Dream Set List

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat May 1 13:01:27 CDT 2004

> 1.  I Can't Explain - This really lights my Who fuse - STILL!

I like it, too, but as an opener, it's old.  Put it somewhere else in
the set.

> 2.  Substitute - There will never be a substitute for this song.

I say drop it.  Or play it faster.  It lacks energy on my 2004 Forum
CD.  The only thing keeping it interesting to me is Roger's fresh
phrasing on certain parts.  

> 3.  A Legal Matter - I Always Liked this.

Ha!  They ain't gonna play this!  I know, I know.....this is your
"dream list."

> 4.  Happy Jack - Appropriate for kids of the Hummer generation

I agree.  But it's actually a difficult song.  I could see them botching

> 5.  A Quick One - Yeah,  This would be GREAT!

Too long.  Most of the audience would get bored.

> 6.  Boris The Spider - The best JAE tribute I can think of

I think the New Who still isn't ready for "John songs."  Still angry
at him, I suppose.

> 7.  Our Love Was - This is my current fav.  


> 8.  Top Gear - Another sonic bulldozer of a song.

Double ha!  How about "Coke After Coke?"  ;-)

> 9.   Tattoo 

Maybe.  But that'd be a tough one for Roger to hit the high notes on.

> 10.  I'm One - Pete and Rabbit alone on this one.

Maybe.  I don't know.  Pete & Rabbit?

> 11.  Sea And Sand - More Easy Vocals High-impact Quadrophenia

Drop it.  Insert an abbreviated "Dr. Jimmy."

> 12.  Sparks/Amazing Journey/Pinball Wizard - Signature Tommy - 
> Gotta have it!

OK!  It's your dream!

> 13.  We're Not Gonna Take It - We will take this.  At least I will!

Plus "See Me, Feel Me?"  Too long! 

> 14.  Baba O'Riley - Gotta Baba, Period, End!

I'm afraid so.  But, to be truthful, I'm not bored with this song live.

> 15.  Going Mobile - More Pete Vocals - give Roger a BREAK!

Ha!  No way!  Yuck!

> 16.  Naked Eye- Imagine It in your mind's eye.  I know you can.

Mmmmm........."Naked Eye".........

> 17.  Real Good Looking Boy - After hearing this recorded and live - 
> It works.

Yes!  It works!  It lives!

> 18.  Dreaming From The Waist - I can dream, can't I?  They can 
> pull this off, can't they?

Too Ox-ish, I fear.

> 19.  Squeeze Box - Back to the pure fun of the who.  

I'll take it!  As long as Daltrey doesn't do that speech beforehand 
about how the audience has to sing along.  That's corny.

> 20.  The Kids Are Alright - A nice ending.  

Yawn.  Drop it. 

> Encore:

Christ, how long is this concert?  ;-)

> 21.  Long Live Rock - Again Pete on vocals..  Quick tempo too.

Yes!  A breath of fresh air!  A celebratory song!

> 22.  Sister Disco - An important milestone statement song 

I'll be in danger of soiling my pants if they play "Sister Disco."

> 22.  Won't Get Fooled Again     - The only acceptable closer IMO.


> I also kept Old Red Wine off because I'm still not used to this song, 
> and it brings me down in an uncomfortable way.   

Leaving out that song was a mistake on your part.  Even in its abbrev-
iated form, it's a real kick live.  Those "Let it breathes" by Daltrey send
shivers down my spine.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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