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Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat May 1 12:14:53 CDT 2004

> Scott, what was the ORW jam like on your Forum CD?  Just like 
> the 2002 tour?  Are any of the lyrics sung?

Well, I don't remember it too well from the 2002 tour but on the
2004 Forum CD (2nd night) the "My Generation" jams slows down 
& gets real quiet & subtle with Pete playing lightly & Zak only keep-
ing the beat on his hi-hat cymbal.

Then, Zak does a hi-hat flourish & Pete plays the familiar ORW
opening chords.  Roger sings the first lines:

Old red wine
Well past its prime
May have to finish it
After crossing the line

Dusty old wine
Two thousand a time
An inch of black mud
Always left behind

No drums - just cymbal accents.

But instead of going into the next part ("They say you turned in /
While the sun still shined"), Pete plays some more chords & Roger

Old red wine
Well past its prime
Gonna have to drink it with you, 
Some other time...

Then Pete allows his guitar to go into feedback & the pumped up
coda part begins, & only then does the full band kick in.  And
of course Roger does the "Let it breathe!" part.

And like the studio version, they don't jam out on this part for too
long.  Maybe eight measures & the song ends.

So, those middle stanzas are cut out all together.  It's like a soft
intro & then right into the fast ending part.

And while very stirring, I think I'd like to hear maybe at least *one* 
of the middle verses.  They're unique to the song after all.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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