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Sat May 1 07:58:06 CDT 2004

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> 10.  I'm One                    - Pete and Rabbit alone on this one.

I like the idea of a 3-4 song accoustic break in the middle of the set, like
RAH 2000 (minus Eddie Vedder).  That idea they tossed around of an accoustic
Tommy would be perfect, in my opinion. Just pare it down to a selection of
songs.  Then again, a lot of people have said that the Tommy encore was the
peak of the 2002 shows and where Pete shined the brightest.

So, how about an accoustic *Quad* break?  Like a lot of people, I've never
felt like the Quad songs work that well live.  I know this would be a *huge*
risk that could fall flat on its face, but I'm One and Drowned are already
fantastic in acoustic form.  Why not bring Roger in on the action?  What
else could be converted?  Sea and Sand?  Love Reign O'er Me?  I don't know,
maybe Tommy would be a better idea.  I'm just trying to shake things up a
little bit.

> 16.  Naked Eye          - Imagine It in your mind's eye.  I know you can.

One of their greatest songs that hasn't been played much live for a long
time.  Excellent choice.

> There you have it.        Notice that many standards have been kept off.
> I also kept Old Red Wine off because I'm still not used to this song, and
> brings me down in an uncomfortable way.

I can't imagine a Who concert without My Generation.  Plus, it lets them
sneak in ORW, without focussing too much on it.  I'm sure they'll keep it in
the set.  Scott, what was the ORW jam like on your Forum CD?  Just like the
2002 tour?  Are any of the lyrics sung?

How about more new songs.  Anybody think they'll play anything else from the
new album?  I'm going on record as saying they will play at least one other
new song.  And not New Song from Who Are You, Pete, if you're listening.  I
want to hear more of The Boy Who Heard Music, or whatever you plan on
calling it, and I want to hear it on May 20th, you hear?  You daft, deaf
bugger.  I mean, really, it's May now.  You're "gonna hit the road" in a few
weeks.  Is this album, barely started, nearly done, or what?  If it's not
just about done, when are you going to get back to recording?  September?
If so, let's hear some of these  Remember the days when you
played Water and Don't Know Myself and nobody had ever heard them?  (OK, bad
examples considering you basically never released those)  But, that's what I
want.  I want to be able to say I'm the first fan to hear Boy Flying in the
Clouds or Girl Who Sang Like an Angel, or whatever the songs that make up
this crazy idea are, and I want to hear them two days before Scott, Kevin,
Joe and Jon, alright?!?!  Hell, I'll settle for Certified Rose, if I have

Jim M

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