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Is Jerry taking the Mick? No, she's rocking and
rolling with all-star band
By Hilary Alexander 
(Filed: 01/05/2004) 

At the age of 47, the ex-wife of Mick Jagger is taking
him on at his own game and releasing her first single.

Although Jerry Hall is the first to admit that her
voice is not her finest attribute, the 5ft 11in
Texan-born model will "talk-sing" through two numbers,
with a backing band that includes her ex-husband's
former bass player, Bill Wyman, the guitarist Pete
Townshend and Bob Geldof.

"I never thought of singing on a Stones tour," said
Miss Hall. "I'm not doing this because I want to try
to prove I can be a rock singer - I'm just doing it
for fun."...

...[Sean Lenoon] has also become the latest person to
join her informal musical evenings - known as Jerry's
Jam Sessions.

By Miss Hall's own account, her living room is the
scene of some of the most exclusive "jam" sessions in
the world of rock 'n' roll. Wyman and Townshend are
regulars, as is Geldof and his French girlfriend,
Jeanne Marine.

The format is simple: someone plays the piano, others
play guitar and everyone sings...

...Her first single, which will be released at
Christmas, was Bill Wyman's idea. "I told him I
couldn't sing and he said, 'I want you to talk-sing,'
so I guess you could say I'm doing a rap.

"My kids think it's great. We're going to do a video
to launch it and we'll raise money for charity, but
Bill hasn't decided which one yet.

"The single is two naughty songs, from the Twenties, I
think. One's called I'll Let You Play with My Little
Yo-Yo and the other is Cos It Feels So Good."...

-Brian in Atlanta
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