bad review for RGLB

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat May 1 00:14:13 CDT 2004

I can't see where he's coming up with homoeroticism in RGLB either (although 
listers here predicted this problem from the title).  However, I do agree 
that the lyrics to "Old Red Wine" seem forced.


>"Question for Who guitarist Pete Townshend: This is all
>you could come up with in those 22 years?"
>"'Real Good Looking Boy' is a mishmash of art rock
>wanna-be, Elvis Presley tribute, homo-eroticism and
>dysfunctional family values, with singer Roger Daltrey
>sounding like a junior varsity Meat Loaf as he gamely
>tackles Townshend's lyrics. Uber-Who Heads may have a
>grand time deciphering Mr. T's inner meanings, but the
>rest of us will wait for him to appear on Jerry
>Springer the next time the king of sleaze TV features
>a program about Elvis worshipers who watch "Queer Eye
>for the Straight Guy" while their mothers destroy
>their self-esteem."
>This dude doesn't get it.  I can respect a differing opinion, but there is 
>homo-eroticism in this song, at least as far as I can see.  The admiration
>for the "Real Good Looking Boy" has nothing to do with homosexuality and
>everything to do with Pete's emotional issues regarding his looks as 
>Seems he might not have thought of himself as ugly had he not been told so 
>at home
>during his formative years.  This reviewer is a neanderthal.  Does he even
>realize that these songs are only part of a much larger project?  Did he do 
>research on The Who of 2004?  Seems not.
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