Is it just me?

Jennifer Avedian jtmulligan at
Mon Jun 28 09:16:52 CDT 2004

Actually, I love the music to this song.

What I love most about the two songs is that they are real.  I don't  want 
get anything from Pete and Roger that sounds contrived or forced.   Pete 
his soul once again and Roger did a fantastic job in both songs of  relaying
the feelings.

What makes this group different from the rest is that they are
real.   Real things never age.  Is it in vogue to be real? I don't know.   
would be nice if it were for their sakes, but does anyone even care about
things like this anymore?

Jon in Mi.

I care very much about the sincerity of the music. It's one of the most 
important aspects of art for me. I need to listen to a song, look at a 
painting, read a poem/novel, watch a performance, etc. and feel that it is 
real. I think Townsend has proven that he can convey honest emotions through 
music and lyrics and Daltry certainly can interpret them and make them his 
own, and I feel this is still true for ORW and particularly, RGLB. I believe 
this fusion is the heart of The Who in 2004. Does it concern me that Roger's 
range has changed as he's gotten older? Sure. Does it concern me that Pete 
may have difficultly composing for Roger's voice as it is today? Yes. But I 
trust Pete is listening to the band as they tour, and this tour will greatly 
inform the composition, recording, and production of the songs for the new 

The Who in 2004 is obviously not the same band as they once were. However, I 
do think they bring so much to the table, far more than any other so called 
young and popular band who is recording today. I have faith that Roger and 
Pete's passion, honesty, enthusiasm, balls, talent, and musicality will 
carry the day. Who cares if it's "in vogue to be real"? Those who are 
intelligent, feeling, intuitive listeners will be moved by their music, 
regardless of the age of the listeners or what is popular.

"Good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 pure theatre." - Gale Godwin

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