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> Maybe later on when they were looking for material,
> but I don't recall 
> hearing anything like this on their first album,
> either.


Twist And Shout is a great example. It sounds nothing
like the Isley Brotehrs version, but much more like

> Well, okay, but I don't think that's snide.

They were smartasses, let's put it that way. It
bordered on being rude, you could call it being rude
with a smirk.

> by the Monkees, who marketed a very successful TV
> show with that as the basis.

Actually, the Monkees didn't market anything. Rather
they were marketed. The show was based on A Hard Day's
Night. The boys were a lot softer and less
confrontational than The Beatles.

> In the US?  I thought The Smothers Brothers Comedy
> Hour in 1967 was their US 
> TV debut.

Have you watched The Kids Are Alright? It has Jimmy
O'Neil (sp) saying it was the last Shindig and here
they are, THE WHO!

> So, presumably if
> you lived in that womb of 
> all US trends (California), then the sixties
> happened around 1961 or 62.

No, when it began isn't the issue. When it was
generally noticed was 1966, hair getting longer and
drugs being used more openly. You can hear it in the
music. 1965 is still more traditional Chuck
Berry-driven, 1966 is whatever.

> Remember that The Who (always sensitive to trends)
> came back from Monterey 
> Pop with some funny ideas about what might make a
> record album.  ;)

Well...Pete said he had ICSFM "waiting" for when he
needed it. So I guess that means at least one of his
two most psychedelic songs were already written. I
don't know the process, but Sell Out was released not
too long after Monterey. And I'd venture to say Pet
Sounds (1966) and Sgt. Pepper's might have had some
influence (although again, SPLHCB was released shortly
before SO and I don't know how much influence it might
have had).

> So what date and time are you going to set? 

History sets the date. It's quite clear by the music:
1966 is when music changed (again).

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