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Wed Jun 30 00:27:36 CDT 2004

>>Do you believe in the One Note?

Getting back to Jon's post, I suspect we might credit the idea of the One 
Note to Pete.  He does quote Inayat Khan, but that quote says, "The way in 
which we can find our own place is to tune our instrument to the keynote of 
the chord to which we belong."

This mention of a keynote is more advice on how to harmonize with the world 
around you than a grand statement on the organization of the cosmos, and it 
sounds like everyone might find a different local chord depending on where 
they live and what's going on around them.  There may be more on this in 
Sufi writings that I've not seen, of course, but it looks to me as if Pete 
has read this and matched it up with the more Western concepts of "music of 
the spheres" and the "lost chord" and come out with One single grand keynote 
to the universe.

Because Pete is a modernist artist, he wants unity in his compositions, 
which is something that would lead him to this idea.

>How can I?  It's so obscure.  What does it mean?  Really?  The secret,
or meaning, of the universe leads back to "one note?"  Sounds quaint,
but what does it really mean?

It's the crack of the Big Bang going off.   ;)


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