The Spell

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jun 29 22:52:04 CDT 2004

>Are you aware of the strange spell of Who music? Why do you like that sound
too much, like an addicted and his narcotic? How many versions of Magic Bus
and Won't Get Fooled Again did you collected and heard zillion times? Do you
feel like a crazy demented caught by the spell of Who sound? Do you have an
explanation for this curse?

Well, there are a couple of possible explanations.  First, The Who has (by 
years of empirical study) chosen a musical structure and volume that is 
highly pleasing to human senses.  There are scientific studies that have 
rated the responses of concert fans at different volumes and tempos which 
are informative, and which Scott might find interesting to read.  These do 
tend to be dry graphs and tables, however.  There are also psychological 
studies that attempt to explain the fan responses to different presentations 
by front men and lead guitarists, etc., which Scott is more likely to deride 
as unscientific.

The other explanation is that Roger and Pete are fay.   :)

>Don E. Stevens, responsible for English version of Baba's work, says in
"Some Clarification On Baba's Very Special Words" (at that
Baba's words were charged with something like atom bombs of spiritual energy
-- an energy a devotee would always absorb, even if he had not understood
intellectually one word of what he had read. Something like a magical spell.

Universal truths?

>When I read that, I instantly thought about Who's music. We know that Baba
O'Riley, for instance, has that keyboard sequence created with the
translation (in a machine designed by O'Riley) of several characteristics of
Meher Baba. We know that Tommy was directly influenced by eastern mysticism.
We know that Lifehouse was about the search of the lost chord, and that the
One Note is a Sufi concept of God.

>We knew all that, but what we didn't know
it was that Who's music had a charm put on it... That would explain may
things... Pete Townshend, a powerful sorcerer, who could suspect of it? What
great sun of a bitch! (Remember here Pete Townshend singing "I Put a Spell
on you" on "Deep's End")

Ha.  Is that what he was talking about?  I thought he just liked the song.  
:)  It's an absolutely gorgeous performance, BTW.  I bought the album for 
that song.


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