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>Without going back to check on their first album, I
>don't recall hearing crooner technique on it.

>Not every Elvis song, but his Rockabilly

Maybe later on when they were looking for material, but I don't recall 
hearing anything like this on their first album, either.

> >The parents all thought they looked like girls, but
>the girls didn't, and as I said, the hooligan part wasn't immediately

>I don't know...but when I watch the interview from
when they first came over, and the footage on Sullivan
etc., they were pretty sarcastic and snide. First US
interview: "Are you going to get haircuts?" "He just
had one." "Will you sing for us." "No, we need money
first." You might want to watch the Anthology DVDs.

Well, okay, but I don't think that's snide.  It's more flip, and came 
accross as sort of a comedy routine.  It was cheerful and cute and avoided 
direct confrontation over the hair and etc.  They were pretty well prepared 
to deal with flak from the establishment.  It just sort of rolled off.  
Other boy bands immediately adopted a similar attitude, perfected, I think, 
by the Monkees, who marketed a very successful TV show with that as the 

>>The Who didn't put in a visible appearance until 1967.

>Well, first of all they were on Shindig in late 1965 or early 1966,

In the US?  I thought The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967 was their US 
TV debut.

>>the time of Woodstock it was over, and the seventies
>had dawned.  How about 1968 as the transition year?  That still gives you
>two years of the sixties.

>Can't do it. You listen to the difference between 1965
and 1966. It's there to be heard. Things were
changing, and by `67 it was full-fledged Acid Rock.
Sgt. Pepper's, Purple Haze (named after a type of
acid!), even Relax! Donovan, Moby Grape, Doors, Iron
Butterfly, Pink Floyd, Byrds, Traffic, Procol Harum,
Love...Bubble Puppy! Even the Beach Boys did Good
Vibrations in 1966! That is definitely an acid song.

>>behind.  The change wasn't apparent to the general
>public until Woodstock hit the news.

>Um...perhaps where YOU were. I heard this stuff on AM
radio, and not a great station either! I know they
were reporting about "hippies" and drugs in 1966 on
the news.

Maybe location IS our problem here.  I tried to check on the term "hippy" 
and web references place its origin in the EARLY sixties in the 
Haight-Ashbury district of SF.  So, presumably if you lived in that womb of 
all US trends (California), then the sixties happened around 1961 or 62.  If 
you lived in some backwater, then they didn't happen until 1967 or 68.  
Remember that The Who (always sensitive to trends) came back from Monterey 
Pop with some funny ideas about what might make a record album.  ;)

>>Okay, close enough.  That still gives you about the two years.

>But it wouldn't be accurate. You can't compromise history.

So what date and time are you going to set?  Let's have it.  Month, day and 
hour, please.  ;)


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