Pete's Purported Pissy Mood

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jun 29 21:50:10 CDT 2004

>Now - just before I buzz off for me tea, could anyone answer my (now
ancient) plea: where does that quote from Roger about The Who's live sound
being hard to capture properly, because "there'd always be sticks in the air
or fingers off strings doing windmills" come from??? Is it on some kind of
audio-transferable medium? I just want to burn it to disc as part of a
box-set I'm making for the car.

Sorry, I don't recognized the source, but maybe somebody like Bruce or Kathy 
M. might be able to put a finger on it.  Roger has said that about the live 
sound being hard to capture more than once, but the part aroud sticks and 
windmills doesn't ring a bell.


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