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>  Pete sees more than Roger does. 

Does he?  Or is Pete's vision  cloudier?  Roger's never gone through hard 
drug addiction or extreme  alcoholism.  Who's kept their shit together better 
throughout their  life?  Pete or Roger?

>Lotta good
>the Lord did Pete when he was jamming a needle into  his arm.  Lotta good
>the Lord did Pete when he was guzzling all that  brandy.  Lotta good the Lord
>did Pete when he was entering that  illegal porn site.
Pete is still with us.  His life and his attitude speaks volumes  for the 
brokenhearted and for those that aren't afraid to face the real  situation. He 
gives credit to God for this. He knows that He is loved by  God.  That is 
something far greater than banging some strings on a board  very well.  I'll be 
forever grateful for his gift to us. The gift of  honesty.  He is one of the 
bravest men I know of. 
I'll leave this list with a song that is dear to my heart, as this is my  
final post. I wish you all the very best.
"When I am in the natural man,
How very strong I feel I am,
I do not know, I cannot scan
How weak I am.
When in the world I have my life
I cannot sense my failure rife,
But boasting in my earnest strife,
I forward press
When I within the darkness dwell,
My shallow state I cannot tell,
I only think how I excel,
And proudly dream.
But when at last I come to Thee,
Thy searching light uncovers me,
I see what I could never see-
My self exposed.
I wither 'neath Thy piercing ray,
And all my strength dissolves away,
My self esteem in dust I lay,
And lowly bow.
How blind and foolish is the pride
with which my soul was fortified;
>From my dark heart, self-satisfied,
It issued forth.
There's not a thing that pride can claim,
There's not a member but is lame,
There's only deep regret and shame,
How can I pray?
Thy blood from judgment saveth me,
Thy life from wrath delivers me,
How filthy yet in poverty
I really am."
Watchman Nee.
Jon in Mi.

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