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Anna Mormack carrieanne79 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 19:35:32 CDT 2004

>"A menstruating woman is unclean for seven days.  She
shall be put
apart.  Anyone who touches her will be unclean until
evening & must bathe.  Furniture she sits upon is
unclean until evening."  Leviticus 15.

Many African tribes still make their women squat at
the edge of their
tribal land until their cycle ends.>>

Actually, the original Hebrew means something like
"ritually impure," NOT unclean.  The mistranslation,
sometimes deliberate, gives the impression that a
woman who is niddah (menstruating) is dirty, but
that's not the case at all.  She's just at a different
spiritual level.  The laws surrounding this (taharat
hamishpacha, or family purity) are very interesting
and beautiful; it's a pity so many people
misunderstand them.

Anna U. Mormack
"Every wise person has enough of the simpleton in him or her."—Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn 

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