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Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Jun 29 18:54:43 CDT 2004

> It's nice to putter around with knowledge of our place in the universe,

Putter around?  You call four hundred years of science by dedicated men 
& women "puttering around?"  Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Madame Curie, 
Einstein, & others were simply "puttering around?"  I don't agree with that 
at all.

> but when you finish puttering and look up, it's still all conjecture and fear. 

That's simply untrue.  Light spectra, the Doppler effect, stellar evolution,
nuclear fusion are certainly *not* matters of conjecture.  I don't under-
stand why you are so quick to accept ambiguous mythological pronounce-
ments while deriding theories & ideas which are backed up by years &
years of scientific testing & evidence.  As Michael Shermer asked, "Why
do smart people believe weird things?"

> The stars are terrifying. 

No they're not.  Not if you understand them.  

> We are so small in this huge place we call the universe, and so lost.

We *are* small, yes, but we certainly aren't lost.  What does that mean?
We know where we sit in our solar system, we know where we sit in our
galaxy, & we know where we sit in the local group of galaxies that make
up our "cluster."  You're only lost if you seek not to know.

> It's impossible not to hope there's something out there that will take care 
> of us.

And here we see the root cause of most of the errors in human thinking.  
Wanting to be "taken care of."  Wanting to be parented.  Wanting to be 
watched over.  Wanting to be cared for.

There's nothing wrong with those feelings on a human-to-human level,
but when the need gets extrapolated into conjecture about our place
& role in the universe, these hopes & fears quickly escalate into errone-
ous world views. 

> Do you believe in the One Note?  

How can I?  It's so obscure.  What does it mean?  Really?  The secret,
or meaning, of the universe leads back to "one note?"  Sounds quaint,
but what does it really mean?

Taken out of its string theory context, what does it mean?  Sound?  Sound
is the key to everything?  Sound propagates in a medium.  What then is 
the medium that the "one note" propagates in?  The ether?  Boo!  Hiss!

What causes the note?  We can't just have a note sitting there by itself.
What is the instrument (without resorting to an equally ambiguous answer 
such as "the spirit," or, "the energy of the universe")?

> Why are you hanging around The Who if you don't hear it?  ;)

What I hear in The Who is the most wonderfully exciting sounds pro-
duced by the best rock group I've ever listened to.

When the band reaches that zone, say, during a live YMB from '69, I
hear them creating  the most glorious cacophony of noise I've ever
experienced in my life.

But,......I know how they do it.  True, I haven't heard anyone *reproduce*
it....  But I know how they do it.  

And sure it's special 'cause it's *them* doing it.  Sure it's inspiringly unique.  
But, I don't have to assign it a place in the nether regions of occurrences, in 
some spiritual or mythological realm.

And, no, that doesn't mean it's any less enjoyable to me as it is to you.  
That I listen with a cold unimaginative ear, scoffing all the while because I 
think I'm so goddamned smart to have it all figured out.

I listen to it with my jaw on the floor & shivers racing up my spine.

Now, you may call that evidence of "the note" or of some "higher plane..."  
I call it The Fucking Who.  And they amaze me no less than they amaze 

But many of you get off on the spiritual side of Pete's writing.  Personally,
I think you place too high an emphasis on it, & I savor the humanistic, the
nitty-grittiness, the realism of Pete's writing.  "My fried eggs make me
sick first thing in the morning."  "I was sewn up like a coat."  "I spill out
like a sewer hole."  "There's a man going through your dustbin."  "Black
ice from the foundry hangs like hood."

I've got plenty of reasons to hang around here, missy.  ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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