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> If there are intelligent beings living in our nearby
> neighbor, The Andromeda 
> Galaxy, do they get a shot at salvation, too? Is
> there Christianity in the
> Andromeda Galaxy?


Don't make the mistake of equating Christianity with
spirituality. Disproving Christianity, or exposing its
flaws etc. does NOT mean there is no supreme being.
"There are many paths to God." I'd venture to say one
might even be at the end of a telescope.

> I'm not sure that many people will recognize the
> relationship, even if they 
> ARE that old.  But Elvis does have that sort of
> crooner tone.


I think it's pretty obvious that Elvis patterned his
career after Sinatra's. Teen Idol to movies to Vegas.

> Without going back to check on their first album, I
> don't recall hearing 
> crooner technique on it.

Not every Elvis song, but his Rockabilly (which is
what he was famous for) songs. Lennon even wrote "Run
For Your Life" from a line in the Elvis song "Baby
Let's Play House." One of the first things Elvis
recorded. Lennon wasn't shy about praising Elvis,

> The parents all thought they looked like girls, but
> the girls didn't, and as 
> I said, the hooligan part wasn't immediately
> obvious.

I don't know...but when I watch the interview from
when they first came over, and the footage on Sullivan
etc., they were pretty sarcastic and snide. First US
interview: "Are you going to get haircuts?" "He just
had one." "Will you sing for us." "No, we need money
You might want to watch the Anthology DVDs.

> The Who didn't put in a visible appearance until
> 1967.

Well, first of all they were on Shindig in late 1965
or early 1966, but ICSFM was their most psychedelic
single. And it was after the British Invasion. The Who
are only part of the Invasion by default...they really
didn't get popular in the US until Tommy.

> the time of Woodstock it was over, and the seventies
> had dawned.  How about 
> 1968 as the transition year?  That still gives you
> two years of the sixties.

Can't do it. You listen to the difference between 1965
and 1966. It's there to be heard. Things were
changing, and by `67 it was full-fledged Acid Rock.
Sgt. Pepper's, Purple Haze (named after a type of
acid!), even Relax! Donovan, Moby Grape, Doors, Iron
Butterfly, Pink Floyd, Byrds, Traffic, Procol Harum,
Love...Bubble Puppy! Even the Beach Boys did Good
Vibrations in 1966! That is definitely an acid song.

> behind.  The change wasn't apparent to the general
> public until Woodstock hit the news.

Um...perhaps where YOU were. I heard this stuff on AM
radio, and not a great station either! I know they
were reporting about "hippies" and drugs in 1966 on
the news.

> Okay, close enough.  That still gives you about the
> two years.

But it wouldn't be accurate. You can't compromise

> Geese, even OC has designated, rotating surf-only


Welcome to the South.

> That's why you have to live in VT where the snow
gets refreshed every other day.

More slush every day. Great.

> You keep the heat, I'll keep the snow.

No, that's the problem here...too much heat.

> Ran 3 miles yesterday and then hiked for an hour up
and around our ridge lines.....Grandpa.

Look, you young whippersnapper...I'll run with you

> Get used to that. Soon come.

Yeah, I'm almost ready too. Except perhaps for paying
for the wedding. I need to make sure she knows about
how much more satisfying it is to get married by a
Justice Of The Peace...perhaps Scott can talk to her
about religion...

> Frustration must be running high in Republican
circles these days.

That's how I'm reading it. You should hear them rant
and try to justify. It's getting nonsensical.

"Home is important. It's important to have a home."
    George "important, important, important!" Bush

Cheers         ML

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