Roger interview in Sunday Telegraph (Australia)....ummmm Alan?

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Jun 29 12:38:28 CDT 2004

>Brian Cady
>Roger interview in Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
>"Our reviews <of IOW> were actually incredible," he says. 

No pride there, huh?

>"Our latest live shows have been getting the best
>write-ups of our career. 

No excitement there, huh??

>"Honestly, we couldn't write better ones ourselves,"
>he laughs

Damn!  Roger can barely contain himself!

>, adding without shame:

*Without* SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!

> "According to all
>reports, we stole the show at the Isle of Wight." 

Now, Alan my good friend....surely you see the competitive nature that
is alive and well in at least this one member of Who2????

Now *tell* me he doesn't want to go out on stage in Japan and blow
Aerosmith right off the efin' stage.
I dare ya.
Come on, you can admit it.
It's ok.
Kevin in VT has a knack for knowing these things.
Finger on the pulse of Who emotion, they say.

My other finger up my.....

Kevin in VT

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