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simon malia malias40 at
Tue Jun 29 12:24:08 CDT 2004

Scott / Keets / Joe (Joe! I'm surprised - you from Philly and everything - 
why, that makes you practically ENGLISH!) :

Hello!!! (As they always used to say - annoyingly - in "Friends"). I read 
that Q interview when it first came out, and *just for a nano-second* 
thought "Oooh Pete's a bit peevish here". But then the penny dropped 
(that'll be a British one penny piece, then).

Pete was replying by e-mail to questions set him by the mag. His replies are 
SARKY, not pissy. In the UK, we recognise the difference. We have to: we do 
it to each other ALL THE TIME...

It's Pete's British, snotty, sarky humour - NOT just stroppy showbiz 

Fine difference - very English (Boy). Very Pete.

Enough from me.

More of that ol' time religion v science stuff, please.

Or I may have to tune back to O&S, where (once again) they're having a 
re-run of the Keith v Kenney v Simon Phillips v Zak debate. Great! It's like 
the millennium never happened ...

They might release an O&S Greatest Debates disc at this rate: Meaty, Beaty, 
Keith and Kenney... I'd buy it... but then, I buy *everything* Who-related. 
Who's Dumber, Who's Dumbest... that's me!

Now - just before I buzz off for me tea, could anyone answer my (now 
ancient) plea: where does that quote from Roger about The Who's live sound 
being hard to capture properly, because "there'd always be sticks in the air 
or fingers off strings doing windmills" come from??? Is it on some kind of 
audio-transferable medium? I just want to burn it to disc as part of a 
box-set I'm making for the car.

Simon in Liverpool (who pops up from time to time)

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