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Tue Jun 29 12:00:54 CDT 2004

>From: Jdtr006 at
>Subject: Re: The *real* common denominator....
>Thanks Kevin...I am so ready for this show! I think it will be a great

Oh, you *know* it will be a great time.
You'll party with other Who folk before hand to get all pumped up, and
then go for the main attraction.
Word of advise, drink lots of water, and pace yourself!  ;-)
But, stop all drinking of any kind 1/2hour before you go in.
One last pit-stop before you go to your seats (right, if you sit in the
front row we'll hear about it and shame you publicly!) should carry you
all the way through.

Are you considering a 'thank you' sign?
As I wrote, I've always wanted to do that.
In Philly in '96, someone brought in a HUGE sign that simply read "Thank
Before the encore, Pete stopped and looked at it for a good spell, it
got up on the screens, and then he stated in the mic. "That's really
nice to see, thank you so much.  Thank you, that's sooooo nice." and put
his hand to his heart. 
It was a very cool moment for everyone there.

You must communicate with them in some way!  Don't let the opportunity
pass you by!

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: The Brain of The Who Speaks!
>I listen to my SCOOP albums sometimes.  I suppose because they are so
unfamiliar still."

Wow!  That surprised me!

>Could you envisage a complete album of new Who material?
>"I am working on it.!

>"I probably would've guessed.  Wouldn't it have been nice if it was
'Tattoo,' or 'Odorono,' or 'Little Billy,' or 'Boris >the Spider?'"

I love all of those, Pete!

>"No.  It's all very clear to me.  I joined the wrong group."


>IH was a mistake.

It's a good album, Pete.
I love many songs from that.
Don't listen to Roger.
What, other than fish, does that dolt know?

>>If Keith Moon had survived, do you think the original Who would have
carried on making records into the '80s?

Me too!

>Keith was getting better when he died.


>He was softening, becoming 
>loving & joyous to be with.

We could see that too.

>His playing was going downhill, but that would have come back."

Now, *how* many times have I posted those very words on this list????
Damn, I *am* Pete Townshend!

>"It's been demolished, you twats."

Doh!  ;-o

>I have nothing to do with the set list.

I don't believe you!

>Roger does it.

Oh my!

It probably has more to do with what is good for him to sing than what
the public want.

Right.  Not.

>But Roger is always trying to squeeze in new songs.  It's just that he
picks ones that are nasty to play, like 'Slip >Kid.'"

And they're not there, why??

>When my life story is published you will learn why I believe this & you
will be very, very sur- prised." ==========

Bring it on!

Kevin in VT

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