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>>> God is food.
>> God is deceit, God is death, God is ignorance, God is evil, God is lies,
> God is imprisonment, God is backwards, God is weak, God is inconsist-
> ent, God is chauvinistic, God is racist, & God is homophobic.
> You know this is just Man trying to disguise himself as God.

God is us.
Whether or not our existence is ordained by a supreme being or not, any
discussion of what "God is..." is ultimately poured through the prism of our
human experience. 

Peering into the microscope or the telescope is to see what one may call
God. Just as spelunking around in one's own consciousness is to commune with
that "other" that one may call God.

To do all these things and still see no God is finding all the "God" you
need within yourself.

I don't believe the ultimate reality translates well to our feeble minds,
and so the bravest among us have attempted a translation and thereby spawned
religions with resultant philosophy. It's invariably what we humans do with
beautifully constructed ideas on God which makes a mess of the whole belief

I have seen both the most amazing acts of love and the most hideous acts of
hate committed in the name of the same God. That's why I cannot invest my
personal spiritual currency in anyone's dogma. But there is a higher
consciousness. It is a fact for me alone.

The idea of the "One Note" is so powerful for me because it is not based on
any human intellectual understanding. It is based on what I would call the
alchemy of existence. I love the idea it really may be that f'ing simple.

Did Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Zarathustra, Confucius, or Meher Baba ever hear
the one note? Maybe. Do we fail to understand what they tried to put into
words? Likely. 

Why are we the only species on this planet that appears to weigh these
questions so heavily and hurt each other so stupidly in the quest for the
"right" answer?

Science has to live in harmony with the sprit. In the end the truth will
accommodate both ways of seeing our existence.

To quote another great thinker, music is an open door.


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