The Brain of The Who speaks!

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Hey, it's just a little joke with a bit of irony... Don't take too 


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> >>Can you guess which song fans have voted as their favourite Who song of
>all time in our reader's poll?  (Clue:  It's "Won't Get Fooled Again.")
> >"I probably would've guessed.  Wouldn't it have been nice if it was
>or 'Odorono,' or 'Little Billy,' or 'Boris the Spider?'"
>He mentioned a John Song.  That's nice.   The calm eye in this
>stormy interview.   I too like 'Tattoo', and 'Little Billy'.  'Odorono'
>is well written and presented, but the payoff comes too late for me
>and my short attention span.   'Boris' on the other hand shakes the
>house when I play it.   Spiders literally come out of the woodwork
>during this thunderous gem! - creepy crawly :)
> >>Have you watched the reissue DVD of TKAA?  If so, is there anything that
>struck you now that you hadn't noticed before?
> >"No.  It's all very clear to me.  I joined the wrong group."
>What the F!   I really don't get it when Pete says things like this.
>Why must you second guess Mr. Townshend?   Why must your regrets
>be spilled all over to the point of being hurtful?   "Wrong" - meaning
>NOT Right!.   What the F!   No, you joined the RIGHT group.   Anybody
>else but the boys from the Bush, and I'd probably not be typing this
>post right now.  Roger got your ass out of bed for gigs!  John kept
>you in check because he knew you when you were just a wee wanker.  Keith
>kept you from taking everything too seriously.   No, no no... You
>joined the RIGHT group.    You F'ing lucky sod.    Now, please explain
>Joe in Philly
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