The Brain of The Who speaks!

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Tue Jun 29 11:09:38 CDT 2004

It's hard to judge these things when they're in print. I was hoping Pete
would have gone on Letterman when he was in NYC. That way, when he makes
these sardonic proclamations we could see the twinkle in his eye that tells
you that he's just cracking wise.

-Chris in Cleveland (setting my all-time record for posts in one day)

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Chris wrote:

 > Joe, I think you need Keith to keep you from taking things too seriously!
Pete was only joking when he said he joined the wrong group!


Joking, eh?   He looked very serious when he said it!

I'm pretty much joking too.  Buttttt, Pete seems to use
that derailing technique in interviews way too
effectively.   He provokes sometimes very uncomfortable
thoughts, which is why I'm demanding him to explain
himself....  As if....   ;-)

Joe in Philly 

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