The Brain of The Who speaks!

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Tue Jun 29 09:49:49 CDT 2004

 >>Can you guess which song fans have voted as their favourite Who song of
all time in our reader's poll?  (Clue:  It's "Won't Get Fooled Again.")

 >"I probably would've guessed.  Wouldn't it have been nice if it was
or 'Odorono,' or 'Little Billy,' or 'Boris the Spider?'"

He mentioned a John Song.  That's nice.   The calm eye in this
stormy interview.   I too like 'Tattoo', and 'Little Billy'.  'Odorono'
is well written and presented, but the payoff comes too late for me
and my short attention span.   'Boris' on the other hand shakes the
house when I play it.   Spiders literally come out of the woodwork
during this thunderous gem! - creepy crawly :)

 >>Have you watched the reissue DVD of TKAA?  If so, is there anything that
struck you now that you hadn't noticed before?

 >"No.  It's all very clear to me.  I joined the wrong group."

What the F!   I really don't get it when Pete says things like this.
Why must you second guess Mr. Townshend?   Why must your regrets
be spilled all over to the point of being hurtful?   "Wrong" - meaning
NOT Right!.   What the F!   No, you joined the RIGHT group.   Anybody
else but the boys from the Bush, and I'd probably not be typing this
post right now.  Roger got your ass out of bed for gigs!  John kept
you in check because he knew you when you were just a wee wanker.  Keith
kept you from taking everything too seriously.   No, no no... You
joined the RIGHT group.    You F'ing lucky sod.    Now, please explain

Joe in Philly

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