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Tue Jun 29 08:35:27 CDT 2004

> Doesn't always have to be 'Dawn Patrol'.


It does here. We have laws. Before 9 AM and after 7
PM. So the tourists won't be in danger.

> Yeah, it snowed 6" last night.  Going boarding this
> afternoon.


> Hey, scared of a little snow, are ya???

Not a "little" snow, the kind that lasts a day or two
and makes everything look magical. What I don't like
is weeks of snow, turning into an ugly grey slush when
you drive through it.

> I just like living in a place that provides the
> variety of all the
> Mother Nature has to offer.

Me too, but I don't want too much of any of them.

> 'Hope I die before I get old.'

You're the one sitting on a boat. I'm a camper, hiker.

> I'm just making a point of how fast the industry
> went downhill after Grunge died.

I see it as going downhill since Quad. Grunge to now
is just the last so far. 1973 was a banner year, with
most major bands putting out their best material. 1974
it was still good, but not as. Downhill from there.
1976 saw the first recycling time around, with Punk (I
love it, but I'll admit it was British Invastion round

> I was actually interested in "current" music back in
> the early-mid 90's.

There's still good bands now. That Velvet Revolver
album is pretty good, for instance. But there's no one
who I can see lasting for decades. Or even through
THIS decade.

> Is that really a result of downloading, or just a
> "it's all been done before" phenomenon???

It's all been done before since 1975.

> At least you're consistent.

I've been thinking about the latest attacks on this
list. Notice who's involved. Considering the
attackers, I think this is all part of a vague right
wing conspiracy.

> Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone.  


I'm not THAT old! I was a teen in the 70's.

> Elvis was the transition 
from the crooner age to rock and roll.  If Elvis had
slowed the beat down a 
bit, he would have fit right into the line-up.

And The Beatles were playing the same music as Elvis,
until the Beatles starting "altering" their music.

> nice girl would be interested in, but The Beatles

Not really. They looked like girls. I know it's hard
to believe NOW, but they were hooligans, snide and
sarcastic and not what "nice girls" wanted. Nice girls
wanted nice boys like Fabian or Frankie Avalon.

> Chuck and the Blues musicians might have been
accepted in the UK and Europe, 
but not in the US.

Excuse me, I was there. Not only were Berry and old
Blues musicans shown on regular TV (variety) shows,
they and American RnR bands were shown more than
British ones. Hullabaloo, Shindig, American Bandstand,
Smothers Brothers, Ed Sullivan, etc...they all showed
black musicicans. James Brown, for instance, got a lot
of airtime.

> And I don't 
recall that drugs was immediately evident as a factor
in the British 

I specifically said "after 1965." That was after the
British Invasion.

> Acid rock had come of age.

That happened in 1967, not the 70's. Hendrix, Cream,
Jefferson Airplane, etc. and so on. More bands I could
possibly list here. By the 70's, it was called Synth
Rock. Yes, ELP, Todd Rundgren, Manfred Mann's Earth
Band and so on.

"Our nation must come together to unite."
    George "or else it won't" Bush

Cheers         ML

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