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Tue Jun 29 01:42:18 CDT 2004

>The image was irrelevent. By the time The Beatles came along, low vs high 
>class was't factor any longer. Besides, the kids who considered themselves 
>"high class" weren't listening to RnR, and the rest didn't care. The 
>fashion was different, but they didn't have MTV yet and we didn't see much 
>popular music on TV at all...unless you count Sing Along With Mitch.

Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone.  Elvis was the transition 
from the crooner age to rock and roll.  If Elvis had slowed the beat down a 
bit, he would have fit right into the line-up.  What you didn't see on TV 
was black music, which is where Elvis got his beat.  Elvis was NOT someone a 
nice girl would be interested in, but The Beatles were.

>The differing decade wasn't much of a factor, either. we weren't even 
>thinking about that. Chuck Berry and all the Blues musicians were accepted 
>whole-heartedly. If you really want to know what the big difference was, 
>I'll tell you. It was drugs. Almost all Rock music after 1965 contained an 
>element of drug influence. It was more creative and followed the 
>conventional less. But the Beatles music I was talking about it came before 

Chuck and the Blues musicians might have been accepted in the UK and Europe, 
but not in the US.  I don't recall seeing them on TV until Equal Opportunity 
and Affirmative Action got well underway.  Maybe the eighties?  And I don't 
recall that drugs was immediately evident as a factor in the British 
Invasion.  The Beatles had a squeaky clean image and most of the boy bands 
that followed them were cute and cuddly rather than alienated--Herman's 
Hermits, The Monkees, etc. The Rolling Stones had a bad rep, but everyone 
else hid their experiments with the various substances.  Now, once you got 
to the seventies, then it was evident to all.  Acid rock had come of age.


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