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Tue Jun 29 01:11:49 CDT 2004

>>Pete spoke of the "Note." The Universal chord. What a discovery!

>Did Pete really "discover" that concept?  Keets?  Lil' help......

Er, no.  This one goes back a ways.   Of course, Pete has his own unique 
take on it, but the concept has also appeared in other musical 
compositions--one that springs to mind is the Moody Blues' IN SEARCH OF THE 
LOST CHORD (om).  Also, here's an old song that I recall hearing as a kid:

The connection of music with both science and metaphysics seems to at least 
as old as recorded history.  Science didn't have to get very far along 
before the scientists (then called philosophers) noticed the harmonies of 
nature and related them to the harmonies of music.  Pythagoras and Jubal are 
listed as early thinkers on the subject:

Here's an interesting reference that quotes Plato and Aristotle, as well as 
providing some other interesting stuff.  I gather these early writings are 
the basis for Kepler's later notions on the "Music of the Spheres."

Also, Pete credits some of his ideas to the Sufi masters, and has a quote 
from Inayat Khan on his website as one of the sources for Lifehouse:

"Music creates that resonance which vibrates through the whole being, 
lifting the thought above the denseness of matter; it almost turns matter 
into spirit, into it's original condition through the harmony of vibrations 
touching every atom of one's whole being". "The way in which we can find our 
own place is to tune our instrument to the keynote of the chord to which we 
belong. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds".

BTW, it's interesting to research Meher Baba on the web.  Pete seems to be 
permanently intertwined with the references because of his music.

>>God put into every human being on earth an organ called our spirit.
>This is a fact.

>That's a lie, Jon.  Shame on you.  What "organ?"

I'll vote for the brain, which is the organ behind most of our troubles.  
Many folks will insist that "the soul" is separate from the brain, but in my 
case, that's just where I live.  More Jung, anyone?

>Oh yeah, well bull-fucking-shit.  Prove it.  Prove it.  Prove it.  It's all
lame mythological, new-age, religious nonsense.  You *know* it is.
It was created by man in a time when knowledge of his/her place in
the universe was limited to conjecture & fear.  You *know* it.  Em-
brace the light of truth!!  I command you!!  Release yourself from your
wretched suffering!!  Join me & we'll read astronomy books all day
long!!  And books on evolution, too!!  Let's discover the world!!

Now, now.   :)

It's nice to putter around with knowledge of our place in the universe, but 
when you finish puttering and look up, it's still all conjecture and fear.  
The stars are terrifying.  We are so small in this huge place we call the 
universe, and so lost.  It's impossible not to hope there's something out 
there that will take care of us.

>>God is food.

>God is deceit, God is death, God is ignorance, God is evil, God is lies,
God is imprisonment, God is backwards, God is weak, God is inconsist-
ent, God is chauvinistic, God is racist, & God is homophobic.

You know this is just Man trying to disguise himself as God.

>Fortunately for us, God doesn't exist.  But unfortunately for us, many
people think "He" does.  Yuck.

I'll agree that the God most people believe in doesn't exist.  But there are 
concepts and ideas beyond that which allow you to deal with spiritual 
matters.  Do you believe in the One Note?  Why are you hanging around The 
Who if you don't hear it?  ;)


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