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Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Jun 28 19:31:07 CDT 2004

> Pete sees more than Roger does. 

Does he?  Or is Pete's vision cloudier?  Roger's never gone through hard 
drug addiction or extreme alcoholism.  Who's kept their shit together better 
throughout their life?  Pete or Roger?

> But Roger may not realize that he himself has the same capacity if he 
> weren't so limited by his love of the band. 

Same capacity for what?  For being able to receive the Lord?  Lotta good
the Lord did Pete when he was jamming a needle into his arm.  Lotta good
the Lord did Pete when he was guzzling all that brandy.  Lotta good the Lord
did Pete when he was entering that illegal porn site.

Funny how Roger, without that all-important "capacity," has led just as
fulfilling & rewarding a life as Pete, & without many of the pitfalls.

> There is so much more to see if we would open to see  it.

If there are intelligent beings living in our nearby neighbor, The Andromeda 
Galaxy, do they get a shot at salvation, too?  Is there Christianity in the
Andromeda Galaxy?  Or just the Milky Way?  And what about the thousands
& thousands (and thousands) of other galaxies throughout the universe
that we can see with our telescopes?  Salvation for them, too?  And, come
to think of it, why aren't other galaxies even *mentioned* in the Bible? 

> That being said, surely Pete has a particular function that Roger doesn't  
> have.

Yeah, going through drug addictions & extreme alcoholism.  Lucky him.

> But Roger has inner eyes too that he may  not know of. 

How egotistical.  Roger would thump you one if you told him that.

> I think that people tend to confuse intelligence with spiritual sight. 

Not me!

> But spirituality is  not governed by intelligence.  Intelligence is "harnessed" 
> by spirituality to express what is seen once spirituality is tapped.

Rubbish.  My spirituality is soaring at the moment via the Mars rovers &
the just-arrived Cassini-Huygens probe, ready to begin a four-year explor-
ation of Saturn.  Now *that's* some neat spiritual shit, my friend!  And
all accomplished via science, without the slightest assist from religion.
Why waste time on religious fallacies when the real world, the real universe,
is so much more exciting & uplifting, not to mention authentic?  

> To do this, one must turn from their mind to their spirit.  If you don't 
> open to do this, it won't happen.

In other words, kids, throw out common sense & embrace what you know
deep down to be false.  Let's all do our part to keep humanity firmly lock-
ed in the Middle Ages, OK?

> A person will remain an objective thinker that knows objective facts.

Yes, those rotten objective facts.  That damn reality.  All those shitty dis-
coveries, theories, observations, & experiments that smugly ask to be
thought about, while having the audacity to show no need for a supreme
being.  Turn your eyes away from the truth, my friends!  Embrace the
mysterious fables from ancient times!
> I can testify that my human spirit works.  It can sense the difference  
> between a smart guy talking and a spiritual person touching spiritual 
> things.

My humanistic spirit works, too.  It can sense the difference between
someone whose mind is deluded with nonsensical religious teachings
& someone who's not afraid to accept reality. 

> Pete spoke of the "Note." The Universal chord. What a discovery!  

Did Pete really "discover" that concept?  Keets?  Lil' help......

> God put into every human being on earth an organ called our spirit. 
> This is a fact.

That's a lie, Jon.  Shame on you.  What "organ?"  

"Oh, it can't be tested or dissected, Scott.  But it's very real."

Oh yeah, well bull-fucking-shit.  Prove it.  Prove it.  Prove it.  It's all
lame mythological, new-age, religious nonsense.  You *know* it is.
It was created by man in a time when knowledge of his/her place in
the universe was limited to conjecture & fear.  You *know* it.  Em-
brace the light of truth!!  I command you!!  Release yourself from your
wretched suffering!!  Join me & we'll read astronomy books all day
long!!  And books on evolution, too!!  Let's discover the world!!

> Just like we have eyes to see the physical realm, we have a spirit to see 
> the spiritual realm.  It has God consciousness. It can sense God.

God helped pilot planes into the World Trade Center.  Fuck your God. 

> God is food. 

God is deceit, God is death, God is ignorance, God is evil, God is lies,
God is imprisonment, God is backwards, God is weak, God is inconsist-
ent, God is chauvinistic, God is racist, & God is homophobic.

Fortunately for us, God doesn't exist.  But unfortunately for us, many
people think "He" does.  Yuck.

> "For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is  
> life and peace." Rom. 8:6

"A menstruating woman is unclean for seven days.  She shall be put
apart.  Anyone who touches her will be unclean until evening & must
bathe.  Furniture she sits upon is unclean until evening."  Leviticus 15.

- SCHRADE in Akron

John Kerry For President

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