Who-la-la 2.75

Jdtr006 at aol.com Jdtr006 at aol.com
Mon Jun 28 14:35:40 CDT 2004

In a message dated 6/27/2004 9:20:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Sroundtable at aol.com writes:

> Looking forward to meeting you, too, Sandy.  It looks like my schedule will 
> allow me to attend at least the first part of Who-la-la in Hollywood.  Maybe 
> The Who Show will let me belt out a tune with them.
> Mc
I am looking forward to meeting you too Mc! This is great, I finally get to 
chat face to face to some of you on here. The first part of Who-la-la? Are you 
getting there early and leaving? Sandy

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