trying to keep it real

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Mon Jun 28 13:16:59 CDT 2004

>SicilianMother at 
>trying to keep it real
>By writing to you privately I was trying to reason with you and keep it
off the WHO list.

Which is where it was, in my the ***WHOOOO*** list!

>And again, I have to defend myself, this is what I wrote privately to
Kevin, big mean 'ole Johanna wrote:

What the hell?
Defend yourself from what????
Above you write that you want it off the WHO list, and now you willingly
put it on.

>"Dear Kevin,

That's nice.

>I'd like to make an attempt to clear the air.

When at first you don't succeed....

>Also, honestly, if I had it to do over I would have handled it
differently, both in my own life, and on the list.


>Things have improved and my life is back to being happy and joyful,
back to normal.  I learned alot, I have grown alot.

If you insist...

>I know you are having a hard time letting go of the past

Ummmm, what are you talking about?
Letting go of the past??
Jo, you know much less about me then you think.
Trust me, I'm far beyond.
When did "the past" separate itself from the present with you, though???

>but if I can move on, you should too.

I rarely post on O&S.  I like it here at igtc.  I'm not moving.

But, seriously, if you've moved on, grown, etc., then why do you keep
talking about your past here?  Why do you feel the need to inform us
that your X wanted to "OJ" you??
It's uncomfortable to put me (at the least) into a position where we
naturally judge.
I don't want to judge your X.
I don't know him.
And, I'm not going to blindly hate him just because you do.
For all I know (ummmm....yeah) you drove him nuts and thus carry much of
the blame.

>If people are in fact angry at me, for talking about my "boo's boo's"

Boo *Hoo's*, not boo-boo's.

>on the list, that anger is going to transfer over to >you for bringing
it up over and over and over.

Did you steal my crystal ball or something???
I'll take that chance.
I don't have a single problem with you, and never have, on this list
except for continually using igtc as your personal 12-step program for
dealing with your past, etc.
If I'm the only one that gets uncomfortable by some of your boo-*hoo*
posts, then fine, but I know I'm not.
Again, this isn't the place.
All I ask is to try and keep it upbeat!
Why is that sooooo bad??
Or, instead, go and set up a "Jo-discussion list" and invite everyone
who wants to go there and help you.

>We need to move on.  It is old.  It is stale.  It is boring.  It is not
Who related.  So, drop it.

What is this, bizarre world????
*You're* the one who keeps posting about your miserable life (or how it
I replied asking you to refrain.
*You're* the one who keeps making snide side-comments about how *some*
people "hate" you, etc.
*You're* the one who now sends a personal E-mail to the list to ensure
everyone can join in on the fun.

Every single post I've made about you was to honestly help.
If you put your little sensitivities aside for a moment, stop thinking
that I hate you, you would see that what I've written has all been damn
good advise from someone who *too* has has bad shit in his life, but
with help worked through it all.

But no.
I'm an asshole.
I hate you.
I'm this and that, and it's never your fault.
I'm sure your X feels the same way.

You say you want to reconcile, to drop it and then write....

>People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them

Very nice.  Classic hypocrisy.
Here's a bird for ya ("tweet-tweet").
I'm beginning to reconsider that hate thing you keep talking about.

Again, I don't care what you want to do regarding a reconciliation....
I don't think about it.
I've moved on long ago, and simply wait for the day that your behavior

**Actions** speak much louder than words (ones I've heard from you
already repeatedly)...
I act accordingly.

Kevin in VT

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