Three's a crowd

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Mon Jun 28 10:45:38 CDT 2004

Keets writes:

> "But that is curious, isn't it?  I thought John was always the one most 
> excluded from decisions and most willing to play, and here's Roger hinting 
> that he was a drag on the whole thing.  Maybe it was hard feelings that 
> stood in the way, or old arguments and resentments.  Or maybe the old lack 
> of communication?"


I didn't interpret Roger's remark this way.  I took it to mean that studio 
work is easier to do when there are less "cooks," so to speak.  Even though Pete 
wrote most of the songs and Roger had more decision-making power as the 
founder and most reliable Who-member, I'm sure John had considerable input in the 
recording process.  He had LOTS of his own ideas on how the songs should be 
played and I'm sure he articulated them.  Also, John had a large role in 
transforming Pete's demos into Who songs, and I'm sure he butted heads with Pete on 
many occasions over this.  Pete has even joked about writing great demos only to 
have a "band come along and ruin them."  I think Roger's point was that 
without John there it reduced some of the inevitable conflict and difficulty of 
recording new material, rather than that John was himself a particular hindrance 
to the process.


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