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Mon Jun 28 09:52:24 CDT 2004

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>
>Subject: Re: Amino World etc.
>> Yeah, but have you ever *ridden* one?
>Yeah, a few times. But I'm more of a staying up until
>6 AM person instead of a getting up to surf at 6 AM

Doesn't always have to be 'Dawn Patrol'.
Just follow the low-tide.

>I guess summer's just about over up there by now, right?

Yeah, it snowed 6" last night.  Going boarding this afternoon.

>The phrase "possible snow flurries" starting to pop up
>in the weather reports yet? Any time now...

We don't start thinking about snow up here until mid-October.
Hey, scared of a little snow, are ya???
I just like living in a place that provides the variety of all the
Mother Nature has to offer.
Oh, and sailing in the "3rd best cruising destination in the country"
(behind some port in Maine and Key West --- Per this issue of Soundings
Magazine) ain't too shabby either.

'Hope I die before I get old.'


Kevin in VT

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