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Mon Jun 28 08:01:49 CDT 2004

> But miles of difference in their image.


The image was irrelevent. By the time The Beatles came
along, low vs high class was't factor any longer.
Besides, the kids who considered themselves "high
class" weren't listening to RnR, and the rest didn't
The fashion was different, but they didn't have MTV
yet and we didn't see much popular music on TV at
all...unless you count Sing Along With Mitch.
The differing decade wasn't much of a factor, either.
we weren't even thinking about that. Chuck Berry and
all the Blues musicians were accepted whole-heartedly.
If you really want to know what the big difference
was, I'll tell you. It was drugs. Almost all Rock
music after 1965 contained an element of drug
influence. It was more creative and followed the
conventional less. But the Beatles music I was talking
about it came before that.

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