The heart of The Who speaks!

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Sun Jun 27 23:50:04 CDT 2004

>>I  haven't seen Pete this fired up for years."

>This is basic to the album's success and the reason for the rave live
reviews.  -And why they should still be called The Who!

It does come down to the spirit of the whole thing, doesn't it?

>>The restrictions that are always there when there was the  three
of you break down when there's two - or you perceive that it  does.
Two's company, three's a crowd."

>I know this is a quip, but he better look for a letter from Queenie.

Ha.  You're really on tonight, Jon.  :)

But that is curious, isn't it?  I thought John was always the one most 
excluded from decisions and most willing to play, and here's Roger hinting 
that he was a drag on the whole thing.  Maybe it was hard feelings that 
stood in the way, or old arguments and resentments.  Or maybe the old lack 
of communication?

>>But what do I know?  You forget, I've never seen The  Who live."

>Aha!  The monitors must put out more bass than the PA.


>>He just articulates a
human feeling that most other blokes have  felt as well."  (Notice Rog
said 'human' & not 'spiritual!' -  Schrade)

>Roger's purpose in life and enjoyment seems to concern the band  itself and
he's more of a pragmatist.  On WBN, Pete did mainly focus on  human 
but he was on the way down. He was affected by the  excesses of his life.  
are all humans and humans have feelings.  If  we didn't have human feelings 
the ability to express them, we would truly be  mere animals or robots of
some sort.

>The thing I admire most about Pete is that no matter if he is up or down,  
doesn't lose sight of the fact that there is something more.  He's  deeply
honest.  Pete sees more than Roger does. Roger can identify that  Pete has a
gift and is honest about that.  But Roger may not realize  that he himself 
the same capacity if he weren't so limited by his love of the band.  There 
so much more to see if we would open to see  it.

I dunno.  I suspect that Roger is just more concerned with experience than 
with abstract thinking.  As I've said here before, Roger doesn't lack for 
verbal ability.

It's possible that if the songwriting tasks were shared a little more during 
The Who's early years, Roger would have developed into a songwriter of some 
talent.  Remember that he and Pete both deal in archetypes, but Roger seems 
more concerned with the way things are than what lies behind them.  That 
doesn't say anything about how he deals with spiritual matters.

If I were to ascribe a spiritual outlook to Roger, it would be Zen.  He 
doesn't have to look for Oneness.  He's there already.  He just is.

>When Roger couldn't articulate his feelings, he would start punching  
Many take this route verbally because of a narrow view.

That's true, and it's possible that Roger has spent most of his life with a 
narrow view, but Roger is one of those people who act on feelings.  Remember 
the title here--he's the heart of The Who and verbal ability is always 
insufficient to express immediate and towering passions.

Also, Zen implies an instinctive response.

>That being said, surely Pete has a particular function that Roger doesn't
have. People are different. But Roger has inner eyes too that he may  not 
of.  I think that people tend to confuse intelligence with spiritual sight.
Some folks are just more intelligent than  others. People give credit to 
for his genius. But spirituality is  not governed by intelligence.
Intelligence is "harnessed" by spirituality  to express what is seen once 
spirituality is
tapped.  To do this, one must  turn from their mind to their spirit.  If you
don't open to do this, it  won't happen. A person will remain an objective
thinker that knows  objective facts.

What do you think of Zen, Jon?  Certainly I'm no expert on spirituality, but 
as I understand the discipline, it's about being without thinking, feeling 
without inquiry, and trusting in universal truths.

In other words, Roger's preferred spiritual experience is hearing The Who 
crank up behind him (other bands will do, but preferrably The Who).  Singing 
is his method of communication with the Great Oneness.  He calls to it, and 
it answers him.  We audience at the show get to share in his experience, but 
this is nothing to feeling the real thing.

I'm sure he appreciates Pete's inquiry into what's behind the whole thing, 
and especially for the unique, wonderful and multilayered tool that Pete 
provides for Roger's to use, but still other bands and other music will do.  
(I've just heard a boot file from the Lonnie Donigan tribute, and Roger was 
hitting on all cylinders.   It sounded like a fine spiritual experience.  :)

>I can testify that my human spirit works.  It can sense the difference
between a smart guy talking and a spiritual person touching spiritual  

But you don't think Roger touches spiritual things because he uses other 
people's words to speak?  I agree that it's difficult for a follower of Zen 
to articulate the Path.  That's why Zen is so opaque.

>Pete spoke of the "Note." The Universal chord. What a discovery!  Roger
agreed and stated that "If we ever do find out what the meaning of  human 
life is,
it'll be a "note."'  He didn't come up with it, but he at  least agreed with
what Pete saw.

Pete is the analyst.  He can take the inchoate exerience and articulate it 
into words.  Hey, it's a rare gift to articualte Zen.   ;)


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