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Sun Jun 27 19:04:14 CDT 2004

> That may be true for younger children but I think a
> lot of college-age kids
> have a surprisingly well-informed understanding of
> '60s- & '70s-era groups.


I can vouch for that, having a music store. Classic
Rock is my best seller as a genre. I also sell used
LPs, and they go nuts for those. Naturally they're
from the 80's and back, so you could call it Classic
Rock...or R&B or whatever it might be. I sold a
Jazzercise LP the other day. But anyway...they know
and like the old stuff. They ask me about bands, and
as you know I'm never shy about giving the background
and history of a band/type of music. I have been
accused of thinking that everything came from The Who,
but that's not true...only everything AFTER they came
on the scene!

> past.  Their preferred
> music is both modern & classic at the same time. 

Music isn't as strict anymore anyway. I know that when
I was a teen, people made fun of me for listening to
Elvis...yet they liked The Beatles. There's only a
hair's difference between their music in many cases.

> music came about during the '80s & '90s.  Bands like
> New Order, The
> Cure, The Smiths, etc. are still played & accepted
> by today's college kids.

The latest New Order is pretty good, but the new
Morrissey isn't.

> I think that's the best we can hope for.

It's all we've ever had. Look, Disco is still popular
to some degree. Think about it.

> something about, not getting fooled again. wanna
> know what i'm talking about? go 
> see it.. 

Definitely! See the movie! See what they're trying SO
HARD to keep from you!

> was the best.  The cars were the greatest.  The
> girls looked so  hot!


AND there were no STD's that a shot couldn't cure. At
least, that we knew of. And there was the pill. And
halter tops.
Ah, I really miss halter tops.

> Could we be seeing a revolt to the spoon fed
> industry garbage that's been
> rammed down their throats for the last 10+ years????


Whaddya mean, the last 10+ years? Try 40+ years of
just Rock. Think about it...we had hard core R&B/RnR
in the mid-50's, only to get Frankie Avalon and Pat
Boone and other "nice" Elvis clones by the end of the
decade. The British Rock wave had many of its
own...need I remind you who The Who opened for on
their first American tour in 1967? And the Monkees,
later the Archies and Partridge Family. And so on,
it's all one in the same. It's still happening now.
Even fluff like Britney Spears is followed by watered
down versions like Jessica Simpson (come to think
about it, I wouldn't mind seeing Simpson watered

The best thing about music today is it's not as narrow
as it used to be. In the 80's a Cure fan wouldn't get
caught dead listening to Led Zeppelin. But now it's
not as weird (but I'll grant you, it's still weird).

The worst thing about music today is downloading. That
has killed the concept of a "big" band. Who's big from
the 2000's? White Stripes? Strokes? Jet? They're all
here and gone again. No U2's, no Who's, no Elvis'. And
that sucks.

"But with every advance by our coalition forces, the
wisdom of that plan becomes more apparent."
   Dick "got my patented Bush Blinders on" Cheney

Cheers         ML

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