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Sun Jun 27 10:47:26 CDT 2004

I've been meaning to post this for weeks:  A testament to my laziness.

Without further ado, here are some highlights from Roger Daltrey's
recent interview in the all-Who issue of Q Magazine.  Enjoy.
(All song & album abbreviations are mine.)

Roger, on RGLB & ORW:

"At first, Pete didn't want to do those songs live.  He thought people 
wouldn't understand them.  But I thought he was mad.  (Mad as in 
crazy. - Schrade)  For me, RGLB is classic Townshend.  I've told him,
as well.  We didn't want to record them but we were put under the
cosh by the record company to get them out for the T&N compila-
tion.  In a way, though, I still think of them as works in progress."

On if there will be another Who studio album:

"Yes.  We're going to go into the studio & see what happens.  I haven't
seen Pete this fired up for years."


"That's a song for John.  But, again, I think it's been done in a hurry.
Typical Who - we don't record anything for years & when we do
we end up rushing."

On if they would've gone into the studio again if John were still alive:

"I don't know.  It's always so unpredictable with us.  In some ways, 
though, John dying has actually made it easier for us to get back in the
studio.  The restrictions that are always there when there was the three
of you break down when there's two - or you perceive that it does.
Two's company, three's a crowd."

On The Who's first live show without John (Hollywood Bowl, 1 July

"It was very nerve-racking.  We were aware that we were performing
under tragic circumstances.  But Pino is perfect.  He's probably doing
something completely different to what John did, but it works.  (Prob-
ably?  Even Roger can't hear Pino! - Schrade)  It still feels to me as if
John & Keith are still alive every time we play that music.  But what do
I know?  You forget, I've never seen The Who live."

On if Roger still chooses The Who's set list:

"I still do it but I'm sick of it [laughs].  A lot of bands would love to 
have the problem of having this much good music to choose from.
But our past....will always be bigger than our future.  The trouble is
you can't do it all.  If you do the eclectic stuff, half the audience would
go home unhappy.  Then if you do all the hits, you get the moaners.
You cannot please everybody."

On if he really had hypnosis therapy to deal with performance jitters:

"It was nerves more than stage fright. Inwardly I was making hard
work of what I usually do very easily.  I went for hypnosis & it work-
ed for me."

On if he really limited his drug-taking & hotel-wrecking in the band's

"Oh, I had me moments [laughs].  But someone had to be there to
keep an eye on everything.  Someone had to keep their head togeth-
er.  It was such a physical job.  To sing those songs properly you
needed the energy, you couldn't be fucked up.  It's like having a shit
for two and a half hours - straining away on one [laughs]."

On WGFA being chosen as the favorite song of Who fans:

"It's because of Iraq.  It has to be.  The song speaks volumes & al-
ways will.  I *still* feel as if it's us & them.  That song hasn't lost any
of its power or meaning."


"I still stand by the songs on FD.  But the production was very Calif-
ornian & Kenney is quite clearly not the right drummer.  (D'oh! - 
Schrade)  It's the one Who album I'd like to go back & re-record 
with Zak."

(Actual question from the interviewer)  So when did you last play

"Not since it came out.  It's still too painful [laughs].  It deserves to be
overlooked.  At that time, Pete was just coming off a bad drug addic-
tion - and getting back into the studio helped him through it.  But it
should never have been released."

(Actual question)  Why don't you play anything from WBN these days?

"I love 'Dreaming From the Waist,' but Pete doesn't.  I can still do
'Dreaming.....'  I'd do it tomorrow if he'd let me.  WBN is a very per-
sonal album to Pete, but they're all personal.  He just articulates a 
human feeling that most other blokes have felt as well."  (Notice Rog
said 'human' & not 'spiritual!' - Schrade)

On if he misses the group's early days:

"I don't, no.  They were great days because we were young.  So I
miss the youth.  And it seemed like a much nicer world then, more
innocent.  Looking back now, though, at people I knew that aren't 
around - like Hendrix, Morrison, & Janis - they did the easy bit.
Getting old turned out to be the hard bit."

(Actual question)  Could you imagine spending nine months living in
a van again?

"Nah.  Actually, it wasn't nine it was nearer six.  It was good.  I loved
it.  Park it up anywhere, get washed up at a mate's place.  No differ-
ent to being a lorry driver & kipping in you cab.  Of course, Pete was
living up in Belgravia [laughs]."

On if the punch-ups from the early days were exaggerated:

"Yeah.  But they did happen.  It's just like with any gang of young lads.
It was mostly me.  I was the one who didn't know how to articulate
his feelings.  I was a little guy who was always getting picked on at
school....  We had terrible fights, but it wasn't all one way.  We used
to fight with the *fans!*  It all got very nasty in Germany once.  Moon
[went] to get out of the car & this bloke booted the door.  I got out
& did four of 'em.  I had such a temper.  I was 'orrible."

(Actual question)  What was the first thing that went through your 
mind last year when you heard Pete had been arrested?

"I thought it was all over.  Totally over.  It was crippling, absolutely 
crippling.  I read about it in the papers like everyone else, & then I 
saw what he said.  I phoned him up & obviously he wasn't answering 
his phone, so I left a message saying that I totally support you.  The 
worst thing was knowing that he'd been fucking stupid, but that was 

On if Roger watched the TV documentary showing Pete being charg-
ed at the police station:

"I didn't, but I hear he came across with great dignity & as a man 
who was telling the truth.  That cheered me up.  The whole thing 
nearly killed *me,* so I don't know how he got through it."

(Actual question)  How much longer can you envision doing this?

"As long as we can do it justice.  My life has been so enriched by
being in The Who.  It'll give me up before I give it up.  Hopefully,
I'll have the wisdom to know when it's time."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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