Fuse channel/Will it play?

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Sun Jun 27 07:30:55 CDT 2004

>Scott Schrade
>Fuse channel/Will it play?
>Bands like New Order, The
>Cure, The Smiths, etc. are still played & accepted by today's college kids.

I love my New Order.  When ever we go to the beach, this is our entry album.
It takes us right back to the mid-to-late 80's when we were living in the
Outerbanks and various East Coast beaches.
I even still love my Smiths.
But, I'm thrilled that The Cure is back.
I'm currently very stuck on their new song End of The World.
It's vintage Cure, and damn catchy.
It's getting HUGE air play on our local "alternative" station...99.9 "The

>And I think today's college kids are of the opinion that, if they can enjoy
>music from *one* or *two* decades ago, there's no reason to draw the line
>there, & it's OK to go back even further & embrace the music of the '60s
>& '70s.

Totally.  And, I'd go so far as to say that the college kids look for depth
in their music.
It's not all Limp Bizkit and violent mindless stuff.
The Who fits right into the "depth" chart.

>That's a good sign, IMO.  It means kids today are looking at Rock as an
>entire *history* of possibly exciting music, & not just focusing on the
>*current* hip bands.

Could we be seeing a revolt to the spoon fed industry garbage that's been
rammed down their throats for the last 10+ years????

>- SCHRADE in Akron

Kevin in VT

>John Kerry For President

Anyone but Bush.  *ANYONE* but Bush.
And, DICK, "go fuck yourself."

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