The *real* common denominator....

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sun Jun 27 07:20:14 CDT 2004

>Jdtr006 at
>The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #161
>> >Email me if you are going, I'd like to meet as many of you as possible.
>> >You can see how non "Jerry Springer" I really am, in spite of what
>> >people might tell you!
>Jo...I will definitely be there!! Sandy

And, while you're there, Sandy, you can tell Jo that no one here ever called
her "Jerry Springer", and no one here ever said they hated her.
The only thing that was said is that her "boo-hoo" stories would fit better
on the Jerry Springer show.
Her continued misrepresentations are only adding to any anger against her.

Here's the *REAL* common denominator....:

Stick to The Who!

Have fun at the show, Sandy!

Kevin in VT

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