What a time that was

Keithjmoon70 at aol.com Keithjmoon70 at aol.com
Sat Jun 26 20:56:56 CDT 2004

After hearing Kevin's account of listening to LAL, after work today I  
decided to put in CD 2 from  Who's Next DE and get a taste of that  myself.
As I drove up legendary Woodward Avenue in the cool of the evening toward  
home, I saw many classic cars that looked brand new.  What a pleasant  sight.  I 
saw a  Bright Blue '67 GTO convertible, an Orange '69  Road Runner, a Red '73 
Trans Am with a Super Duty 455 in it, a Black '69  Chevelle 396, A Red '68 
Olds 442,  and they were all mint. I used to dream  of these cars when I was a 
kid.  When my older brother told my  dad that he wanted a GTO, he told him "Ah 
son, by the time you grow up, you'll  be flying spaceships".
I say this because I think those were the coolest years of all.  The  music 
was the best.  The cars were the greatest.  The girls looked so  hot!  Good 
thing I was just a boy.
Today the music in my truck was just pounding.  If you ever get a  chance, 
put this CD in a system with a high watt amp (literally) and an 8 inch  sub. You 
will instantly miss Keith Moon. That dude drove that band with no  second 
thoughts. You'll *feel* the thud he put into the music with his foot  while your 
ears take in the constant assault that his lightning quick hands put  up.
Finally, I just listened to what I think is one of the greatest guitar  solos 
ever; the monstrous howling one Pete did on Naked Eye back in  '71.  
Musically, they set the standard so high back then that everything  else is 
anticlimactic.  But the music is still mint.  
Jon in Mi.

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